Jérémie and Marie-Emeline proudly contribute to the family project ‘Huile des Orgues’, during the fair ‘Noel Gourmand’ (literally ‘Greedy Christmas’) which took place in the prestigious ‘Carrousel du Louvre’ in December 2015. This fair was in the Palais Brongniart last year and is made of real producers who have been carefully selected by Mr Florent Colonna who has the experience of the SAVIM fair in Marseille. The audience is made of connoisseurs who were able to taste our olive oil from the ranges Arpeges, Symphonies and Traditions.

Thursday May 5, we received our new packaging line, fully automatic, which will help us face an increasing demand and also guarantee a better precision for the dosage of our bottle and can of olive oil from Roussillon.
This equipment is very simple to use as we just have to place the can on the scale and push a button. Oil is measured by the weight, not the volume, which is more reliable.

2016 Saturday May 7, we extended our packaging line with an equipment called ‘Ninette’, fully automatic, which is very sophisticated as sensors make sure the two labels (the front one and the back one) are placed at the exact position. We had to reach a certain level of production for our Symphonies range to justify the printing on rollers which require bigger volumes than traditional stickers. Our customers will enjoy the rise in quality.

This Sunday 2016 September 25, a ‘Honey Festival’ was taking place in Saint Michel de Llotes, small village of 300 inhabitants located at 30 km West of Perpignan in the Roussillon. After a warm and sunny morning, a violent storm occurred in the afternoon and forced us to leave quickly. We thank the major of the village – Jean-Luc Obrecht – and his team for his welcome.