with the different craftmen involved in the building of our new shop, in the middle of the olive trees, the Mayor, William Burghoffer, cut the Catalan ribbon with Noel Fabre and Marie Neige, his daughter. The guests met around a glass of friendship in a lovely atmosphere. We thank Joëlle Casanovas, the project manager, and her team for her incredible amount of work (company OPCJC in Perpignan)

As you can see in our new part ‘Popup dinner’, you’ll have 4 opportunities during the 2024 summer to have a dinner with friends or family in our new boutique. The first one, on July 2, has been a success. More info on Instagram or Facebook

The olive oil festival was held this Sunday in Sorède, a small village in the Pyrenees Orientales (66). The public was invited to vote for the different oils proposed, under the watchful eye of members of the ‘Confrérie des Chevaliers de l’Olivier du Languedoc-Roussillon’. The second prize was won by our friends from Moulin de Minerve in Pézilla-la-Rivière and Huile des Orgues was acclaimed by the public. All our thanks to the organizers, in particular Romain Beyssac, from the town hall, and to the animators (sardana groups, orchestra, etc.).


There are now 6 olive oil with citrus in our range: yuzu (the Japanese lemon), bergamot orange (the famous flavor of the Earl Grey Tea), tangerine, citron, lemon from Menton and kaffir lime (the lemon from Madagascar and La Réunion called Combava in French). You’ll find the best way to use them as a dressing on fish, fish carpaccio, ceviche and salads. You’ll be amazed if you pour a few drops on a waffle or a pancake. Enjoy! For the travellers: the 100 ml flask can be taken with you in the cabin if you travel by plane. Good to know!