Toque Blanche
Restaurant “La Senyera” in Villefranche de Conflent
We are pleased to supply this restaurant, famous for its authenticity. Julien Blaya put a Mediterranean touch in his way of cooking. His restaurant is located in the heart of a fortified city, on the way to Cerdagne. His meals are creative, always made from the best local products, as his “Aïoli aux pommes” made with our Oliviere oil and which recipe is available in our Blog.
La Senyera
81, rue Saint-Jean
66500 Villefranche de Conflent
Tel. 04 68 96 17 65

« this is the famous tomato salad with parmesan, yuzu olive oil and salt. It’s very simple but with exceptional ingredient, it’s enough ! » Julien Blaya, Toque Blanche à la Senyera (Villefranche de Conflent)
Red tomatoes and green tomatoes (traditional varieties)
Some cherry tomatoes for the fun
Fine slices of parmesan cheese
Fresh basil leaves
Fleur de sel
Balsamic vinegar
Yuzu Olive oil from Huile des Orgues
– Wash and cut the tomatoes in fine slices and present them like on the photo
– Serve fresh
– Enjoy! It’s delicious.
Restaurant La Senyera
81, rue Saint Jean
66500 Villefranche de Conflent
Tel : 04 68 96 17 65

Ingredients for 4 people
For the potatoes soup:
• 190 g of pealed potatoes “Agria”
• 75 g of the water where potatoes were cooked
• 75 g of olive oil “Huile des Orgues” from Ille sur Têt
• 75 g of cream
• 75 g of chicken stock
• ¼ of yellow lemon juice
For the garnish:
• 120 g of cabbage leaves (green and yellow leaves)
• ¼ of a bunch of chervil
• 60 g of shallot
• 150 g of butter
• QS de powder à tempura
• 1 wild sea bass of 1.2 kg
Salt, white pepper and white pepper mignonette
• Potatoes soup:
Cut the potatoes in small pieces and cook them lightly, covered with water, starting cold. Then, mix them with 75 g of the water, liquid cream and the chicken stock. Finally add the olive oil. Add lemon juice and salt. No pepper.
• Cabbage leaves:
Cut the cabbage leaves and cook them in salted boiling water, but not too much. Cool them in iced salted water and cut them in strips, not too thin.
• Shallots:
Cut the shallots in rings of 0.45cm, boil them, cool them, dry them with absorbent paper. Dip them in flour and fry in oil. Drain and add salt.
• Fish:
Prepare the fish by removing the bones and isolate the fillets. Cut in 4 portions of 130 g.
Cook the fish in an oven at 150°C for 7 minutes.
• Showing:
Quickly fry the cabbage in olive oil.
In the middle of the soup plate, place the cabbage. Remove the skin of the sea bass and place the fish on the cabbage. Put the potatoes soup around while it is warm and foaming. Add some “fleur de sel” and white pepper. Finally, add some drops of olive oil on the soup, a nice bunch of chervil and the fried shallots.
Tip: add some truffle to the potatoes soup
Key Points:
• Temperature of the fish
• Seasoning of the soup
• Crispy shallots
NB Andreu Coma Roca was the Chef at the restaurant of the Chateau de Riell in Molitg les Bains (66)

Come to discover our olive oil with the black olive taste. Le Pastis is a famous one Michelin star restaurant in Montpellier. You’ll taste our oil at the beginning of the meal and also at the end, on icecream. A big thanks to Daniel Lutrand, the chef and to Jean-Philippe Vivant, the butler for their warm welcome.

To prepare this olive oil, we simply press the olives together with the entire tangerine harvested in Menton (French Riviera). This very original oil draws the attention of ‘Terres Catalanes’ – a magazine dedicated to Catalonia – which published a paper in its September/October issue.

Our Tangerine olive oil (in the Arpèges range) is delicious with carpaccio of fish or scallops. It is great too with duck and finally, it is really awesome with warm waffles. Enjoy!