There are now 6 olive oil with citrus in our range: yuzu (the Japanese lemon), bergamot orange (the famous flavor of the Earl Grey Tea), tangerine, citron, lemon from Menton and kaffir lime (the lemon from Madagascar and La Réunion called Combava in French). You’ll find the best way to use them as a dressing on fish, fish carpaccio, ceviche and salads. You’ll be amazed if you pour a few drops on a waffle or a pancake. Enjoy! For the travellers: the 100 ml flask can be taken with you in the cabin if you travel by plane. Good to know!

A study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology shows that olive oil reduces the risk of cardiac disease (and other diseases). It was conducted on 100,000 people during 28 years.

Our olive oil ‘Traditions’ was awarded in Paris, in March 2019, during the biggest annual agricultural fair. This Gold Medal is a great surprise for us as it was the first time that ‘Huile des Orgues’ was competing. This olive oil is a blend of Olivière, Verdale, Poumal and Glory, which are local varieties, specific to the Roussillon. It is super fruity and without bitterness. It is ideal for salads and vegetable.

How did this happen? A technician came to our property to sample our oil. This way, no fraud is possible. The sample was blind tested by a panel. It is a national contest: we were competing with the Provence area, where olive oil producers have a longer experience! We have been lucky!!

Why a blend? First of all because it is required for the ‘AOP’ (‘appellation d’origine protégée’ or ‘product of controlled origin). Then because each variety brings his specificity, a little bit like with a wine.

With the spring, we are looking for freshness in our food. With tomatoes and mozzarella for instance, a little bit of our olive oil and some salt will make you super happy. Enjoy !