An excellent starter for a summer lunch
On the photo, at the back, you can see the olive oil “Huile des Orgues” Traditions, selected by our Chef for this delicate recipe.
Ingredients (4 people)
320 g. of Saint Pierre filets (raw)
4 Cl of olive oil “Huile des Orgues” from Ille sur Têt (Roussillon)
12 capers from Italy
20 black grape (variety Cardinal) and white grape (variety Muscat)
1 bunch of dill
20 g. of pine nuts
2 cs of mango vinegar
1 root of ginger
2 lime
1 orange
Fleur de sel
Make a tartar with the St Pierre filet
In a bowl, add the fish, the grape cut in two (and with no seed), the dill, the grilled pine nuts, the ginger, the skin of the orange and lime, grated.
Add the olive oil “Huile des Orgues” and the mango vinegar.
Then, add the “Fleur de sel” and the capers
Prepare this starter 2 to 3 hours before to serve and let it wait in the fridge.
Smart idea
This recipe can be adapted to many different fishes, (Salmon, bream…) at different cost.
Wesley Durand, Toque Blanche, is the Chef of the restaurant “Le Cédrat”, Casino du Boulou

Everyone knows the Poire Belle Helene but here is a new way of preparing pears and chocolate with a taste of caramel slightly perfumed with vanilla, thanks to the vanilla olive oil from the Mas Fabre de Laferriere in Ille sur Tet. A real must!
This is a very easy to make dessert that will surprise your guests thanks to the original mix of pear, chocolate, caramel and vanilla, together with the sweet taste of olive oil from Roussillon, made from the variety oliviere. Julien Blaya, very dynamic and friendly chef, also Toque Blanche from Roussillon, has put all his passion in this nice dessert.
Ingredients for 4 people
Pears: 2
Liquid cream: 300 g and 350 g
Vanilla bean: 1
Cumaru: 1
Chocolate: 455 g
Brown sugar: 50 g
Vanilla olive oil (Huile des Orgues)
Heat the 300 g of cream in a pan. Scrape the vanilla bean to extract the seeds and dip in the cream, all together. Add the chocolate to the warm cream. Stir the ganache and pass it through a strainer to remove the vanilla.
Heat the vanilla olive oil from Huile des Orgues together with the sugar in a pan to prepare a caramel.
Cut the pear in small cubes and add them to the caramel. Mix. Stop the heat and let the pear get caramelized.
Mousse of ganache
Take the crème Chantilly prepared previously with the 350 g of liquid cream. Add two tablespoons of cream in the ganache and mix with energy. Add 5 tablespoons of cream without mixing. Mix softly the mousse just before serving.
Put the pear in the bottom half of the glass. Add a lay of chocolate mousse above them. Clean the glass. Add the shavings of the cumaru and add a little bit of vanilla olive oil from Huile des Orgues.
To be served cold.
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This is a very simple and quick recipe created by Perrine and we thank her for allowing us to share it with you. The leek gives a nice texture to support the egg, while the crumble with our olive oil from Roussillon, either truffle or boletus, will take you to the forest.